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GPS Tracking in Agriculture

Farmdeck’s GPS Vehicle Tracking solution can help optimise routes, ensure safety and reduce operational costs. By leveraging Agtech, farmers can utilise artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in our IoT sensors that provide rich data on a user-friendly, easy-to-understand dashboard.

Electric fencing in modern farming

In the realm of modern agriculture, innovation continues to reshape the way farmers manage their operations. Among these innovations, electric fencing has emerged as a remarkably effective tool for keeping animals within designated areas, enhancing both efficiency and safety on farms.

How aquaculture is helping the oceans

The oceans are in danger, but there’s hope on the horizon. With aquaculture, growth rates of fish populations have increased drastically over recent years replenishing our over-fished seas and marine ecosystems.

On-farm Silos

Farm silos can provide effective storage on farm, as well as aid in preventing grain wastage. Farmdeck can help make farms safer with its range of features – sending alert functionality to any device in distressing situations.

Floating solar panel farms

With a large scale farm, the Farmdeck team recommends you try out floating solar panel farming which can benefit your electricity bill and your farm’s water sources.

Cracking down on cage eggs

Australia has started to implement a plan to have all cage eggs eradicated by 2036, sparking debates between pro-cage chicken breeders and animal welfare organisations.

Farmdeck having a field day at Tocal Field Days

Farmdeck was proud to exhibit at the Tocal Field Days. The three-day event brings together the best and latest products and services in farming techniques, including the latest innovations within the AgTech sector and showcases the future of farming.