In the realm of modern agriculture, innovation continues to reshape the way farmers manage their operations. Among these innovations, electric fencing has emerged as a remarkably effective tool for keeping animals within designated areas, enhancing both efficiency and safety on farms. 

Electric fences function on a simple yet ingenious principle: by delivering a low-voltage electric shock upon contact, creating a physical barrier that discourages animals from attempting to breach the boundary. This technology has revolutionised animal containment, replacing traditional physical barriers like wooden fences and barbed wire with a more versatile and adaptable solution. 


One of the most notable benefits of electric fencing is its effectiveness across a wide range of livestock. From cattle and horses to goats and poultry, electric fences have demonstrated their ability to contain animals of various sizes and temperaments. The mild electric shock serves as a memorable deterrent, teaching animals to associate the fence with discomfort and discouraging future escape attempts.  

Farmdeck is known for having not only being an all-in-one solution, but for the versatile sensors which are sold at a remarkably low price compared to the rest of the market.  


While our competitors may sell one sensor per component, our sensors are designed based on your needs. Need to monitor your soil temperature, moisture, and salinity with just one sensor? We have you covered. If you’re struggling to keep track of water levels, water pressure – the Farmdeck water sensor is here to help. Our sensors are both cost efficient and highly versatile in terms of use, as well as connectivity.  

Paired with our Energy Consumption Feature, you can monitor how much energy is being used by not only your fencing, but every other energy source around the farm. Farmdeck is here to help you build a smart farm that boosts productivity and efficiency, and to save you from breaking the bank while doing so. 

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Electric fencing has emerged as an electrifying solution for animal containment on farms. Farmdeck’s Electric Fence Monitoring feature allows for adaptability, and cost-efficiency make it a standout choice for protecting your assets. 

With the software being free to use, you can download the app and set up your own dashboard to keep track of your farm at no cost. To increase visibility over your farm, to find out how you can purchase our versatile sensors.

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