In today’s world, where agriculture plays a pivotal role in sustaining a farm, efficient water management has become more crucial than ever. With the influx of smart technologies, farmers are now equipped with tools that can help improve their farming practices. One of these innovations is smart pump control, a game-changer for modern agriculture.  

Efficient irrigation practices ensure that crops receive the right amount of water at the right time, nurturing healthy growth and optimal yields. However, traditional irrigation methods sometimes are inefficient, often leading to water wastage and increased costs. This is where smart pump control systems come into play. 

pump control water management;

Smarter control for a smarter farm

A smart pump control system is an automated system designed to manage and optimise the operation of water pumps used for irrigation. This type of system utilises sensors, controllers, and software to monitor different factors such as soil moisture levels, weather conditions, and water availability. By integrating real-time data, smart pump control systems ensure that water is delivered at the right time and the places where needed. 

pump control water management;

Smart Pump Control allowing for optimal water usage

Smart pump control systems help conserve water by preventing over-irrigation and reducing water wastage. By distributing water based on the actual needs of the crops and the soil moisture, these smart systems ensure water is being used efficiently. 

Automated pump control can also reduce the energy consumption associated with irrigation. By operating pumps only when necessary, farmers can significantly lower their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint. With optimal water and energy usage, smart pump control systems can lead to substantial cost savings. Lower utility bills and reduced water usage translate to more money in the pockets of farmers. 

Consistent and precise irrigation over time helps maintain the ideal soil moisture levels, promoting healthy crop growth. This leads to higher yields and better-quality produce. 

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Farmdeck's Pump Control Solution

Did you know Farmdeck has a pump control feature? 

You can manage everything on your farm from one dashboard – including smart pumps! This feature does not only apply to pumps but can be used for any electric appliance around the farm. Your smart pump control system is not simply an off-the-shelf product, but it can be tailored to your needs – even if you need to connect up to eight devices.  

Essentially, how our pump control system works is that it counts the runtime of water to help you gain better visibility of when a pump needs to be used – it also schedules the pump runtime and alerts for faults. 

Another notable feature – you will be saving time and petrol! You no longer have to drive to irrigator pumps and manually switch them on, as it can be done remotely, whether you’re away on holiday overseas, or even in your homestead, so you don’t have to drive for hours around your farm managing your water supply, allowing you to focus on other priorities. This means you can manage your irrigation systems from anywhere using a smartphone or computer, providing flexibility and peace of mind. 

Our pump control feature connects via LoRaWan, or even 4G, depending on your property’s connectivity needs. Our connectivity options are just as flexible as our sensors.  

pump control water management;

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The Farmdeck team is proud to be one of the few agtech brands that are Australian owned and operated with sensors manufactured locally – including pump monitors, weather stations, water monitors, soil probes, and even energy consumption monitors. 

With the right smart pump control system, you can reap the benefits of a cost efficient and environmentally friendly smart farm.  

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