Thought weather stations were only used for your daily news dose? You can have them right on your farm to save your crops, and your money!  


Out with the old and in with the new

Weather has always been a tricky thing to predict. For centuries, farmers had to rely on their knowledge of nature and the phases that it went through for them to understand what kind of season they would experience at any given time. But with new technology and modern agricultural approaches like the use of weather stations, came new opportunities. These solutions have made predicting the weather easier than ever because now, farmers have access to all kinds of accurate information about said phenomenon which they didn’t have before.  New technologies have made agriculture easier than ever, and can help you keep your farm running smoothly from anywhere, at any time.  


Integrating weather stations into your farm

A remote weather station utilises sensors which gathers and analyses data about weather conditions within the area. With a weather station, you can monitor multiple weather phenomena such as rainfall, temperatures, winds and humidity – all of which can allow you to determine what your farm requires. It is to be noted that having a weather station right on your farm as opposed to relying on the ones in the city is much more accurate with local measurements and readings from sensors in a close proximity. 

The ability to foresee rainfall and the climate can help reduce the chances of you over or under-watering plants. Having such devices also provides you with information that helps you determine if your crops will sustain an immense amount of damage, whether that be through a heat wave, flooding or high winds.  

Being able to predict these elements of nature has many benefits including saving water, more efficient crop monitoring, and more educated decision-making regarding planting, irrigation, and all kinds of other tasks around the farm. All these benefits ultimately help save you time and money. Farmers who have multiple workers can also use this as a means of when to schedule workers, so certain tasks around the farm can be completed before the weather becomes dangerous. 

Many farmers have undergone severe losses due to drastic weather conditions – protecting your crops means protecting your livelihood. Weather stations can predict the weather up to 10 days from the present day, allowing farmers to have enough time to prepare for potential damage like frost protection or harvesting crops earlier than usual ultimately preventing you from losing crops.


Let us help you

Our team at Farmdeck is consistently developing and improving our products, including multi-purpose farming devices to make your farming life easier. Farmdeck has an all-in-one tool including rainfall monitoring, soil temperature and moisture and much more.  

Rainfall monitoring helps you gain better visibility of the precipitation in real-time to help you better predict your crop needs to prevent you from over or under-watering, while monitoring your soil can also help keep track of what your plants require, so you can grow healthier and stronger crops.  

Reach out to us today so we can help you build your efficient and smart farm.