The introduction of technology has revolutionised the way we store and use our food. With large silos, farmers no longer have to rely on using baskets or messy piles for grain storage; they can keep it all in one place.  


Going against the grain

The farm silo is an essential tool for not only storing but also preserving your grain. The spoilage and waste of grain is a huge issue for farmers – silos help to prevent waste, keeps the right temperature throughout its contents’ storage life cycle, even during those boiling hot summers when it may otherwise spoil. The NFCC (National Fire Chiefs Council) states that to prevent the growth of bacteria or any further deterioration, silos work by “creating a pressurised within a cylindrical container.” Silos are able to monitor the temperature and quality of grain being stored inside them, which can have a huge impact on how well it stores. Miller Magazine claims that one of the most common causes of grain damage is not only environmental factors but also from insects or pests. European and American farmers have standardised silos as a storage solution which “ensures zero wastage” with the reduced moisture and ability to keep out pests.


Take it with a grain of salt

While silos are an excellent way to store grain, those who use it must be cautious as they may cause grain entrapment. Pneumat Systems defines grain entrapment as the process in which, “a worker falls or sinks into – or is piled onto by – grain or other agricultural products. In 2020 in America alone, there was a reported total of 17 accidents involving farm workers being trapped in bulk storage containers on farms. Thus, when using these large storage facilities, it is best to avoid entering the inside of a silo. Implementing agtech in these spaces can help reduce these kinds of incidents from happening, giving your farmhands a safe work environment. Outcomex can help farmers by using sensors and configuring alerts to avoid these kind of mishaps from happening – alerting farmers in real-time if an incident of a farmhand being trapped in a silo occurs.

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Save yourself the migraine with Farmdeck

Our team at Farmdeck is consistently developing and improving our products, including multi-purpose farming devices to make your farming life easier. Farmdeck has an all-in-one tool including features which help you monitor multiple elements of your farm such as water levels, energy consumption, electric fences, your livestock, and much more.  

Farmdeck not only helps you take care of your agriculture but ensures your safety for your peace of mind. Farmdeck’s Video Surveillance feature gives you better visibility on your farm’s activities, while the Quad Bike Rollover Alerting features sends out alert notifications to your device if a vehicle has tipped over, meaning you can take action and ensure your farmhands are kept safe.  

Watch this space as Farmdeck will soon be adding a solution to track goats and chickens, and a whole lot more.  

Reach out to us today so we can help you build your efficient and smart farm.