Developed by farmers for farmers

Farmdeck was founded in Australia in 2016 by a team of farmers and engineers coming from Outcomex, a successful technology company operating in Australia since 2006. A few years ago, the team decided to combine their two passions, technology and farming, to help other farmers like them increase their efficiency while reducing their costs. Since the foundation of Farmdeck, Outcomex ensures that all features and sensors are field tested at their testing farm site located in Bathurst NSW, Australia.

Our team is composed of over 90 employees based across Australia and provides installation and support services nationally. We are very proud to have a dedicated farm testing facility, which gives us a unique perspective on how Farmdeck can help our customers.

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More than just an app

Farmdeck is different from most other AgTech solutions because it provides an all-in-one offering that includes the sensors, the network connectivity and the Farmdeck application available online or downloadable on any android and ios devices. Having the expertise to take you through all the phases of an agriculture IoT project allows us to offer tailored solutions as well as direct support in case of problems with any of the components.

Delivering all-in-one IoT solutions

Farmdeck Sensors & Devices

Sensors and Devices

Installing sensors to collect data from your environment.

Farmdeck Network and Connectivity

Network and Connectivity

Deploying and/or managing your network to connect the sensors to the cloud.

Farmdeck Data Processing

Data Processing

Converting raw data into meaningful information.

Farmdeck Application


Offering visibility of your environment and tasks automation through our Farmdeck app.

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Keeping your data private

Farmdeck provides a private network solely for farmers and all data is kept within Australia, unlike various other offerings where data is collected by sensors in Australia, but then processed overseas and sent back for visualisation in Australia, allowing overseas providers to mine and get insights into the data. With Farmdeck, the data is owned by the farmer and not made available to any other organisation without prior consent by the farmer.

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Guaranteeing the highest level of quality

We follow a strict quality assurance program for the IoT sensors; analysing factors such as their range, sensitivity, battery life, security, manufacturing quality, dust and waterproofing, and ease of integration. Every sensor recommended in Farmdeck has been selected following this program which ensures they are secure and follow the best practice design principles.

Through the technology company Outcomex, our organisation has over 3 decades of experience in networking technologies and security, which form an integral part of the underlying architecture required for IoT networks. Our expertise is a great advantage when deploying solutions in remote areas with low connectivity and limited power options.


How do I download the Farmdeck app?

To download the Farmdeck app on your mobile device, follow these instructions:

  • With iOS, search and download Farmdeck via the Apple Store on your Iphone. 
  • With Android, search and download Farmdeck on Google Play. 

Both versions are free to download.

Can I use my own sensors with the Farmdeck app?

Yes, this is possible if sensors are compatible and adhere to industry standards.

How do I purchase a custom plan or add-ons?

To purchase a custom Farmdeck plan or add-ons, you have to contact us directly via or on the phone at 02 8879 3850. Unfortunately, they can’t be bought through the website yet as our team wants to make sure the Farmdeck solution you choose is the best for you.

Do you deploy custom projects outside of Australia?

Yes, we deploy outside of Australia too. Please contact us with your requirements.