Reasons to work for us

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Keep learning

To ensure that our employees continue to improve their skills and expand their knowledge, internal and external technological training is offered regularly.

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Travel in Australia

Whether deploying Farmdeck at a customer or attending industry conferences, our team is on the move and often get to discover new parts of Australia.

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Enjoy flexible holidays

Farmdeck is proud to employ highly skilled employees from around the globe. We understand the importance of returning home and revisiting our grass roots, so we try to make it easier for our team.

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Work from home

Sometimes it just feels more productive to work in the comfort of our own home. That is why we provide virtual collaboration tools for teams to work together from different locations.

Make your mark with these positions

We’re sorry all the positions are filled at this time, but keep an eye open for future positions at Farmdeck!

The profiles we usually look for include software engineers, systems engineers, and network engineers.
If you think you could be a great addition to our team, reach out to us via