Water is a precious resource, and in a country like Australia, where agriculture is a significant industry, efficient water management is crucial. Water monitoring plays a vital role in ensuring farms have access to an adequate and sustainable water supply. For farmers, water is essential for running a farm whether it be for sustaining livestock and crops, aquaculture, or even energy sources, such as floating solar panels. Agriculture alone accounts for more than half of the water usage in Australia, and the droughts becoming more prominent necessitates water level monitoring.

Enhancing Crop Yield and Quality

Water monitoring enables farmers to optimise irrigation practices and ensure that crops receive the right amount of water at the right time. Through accurate monitoring, farmers can determine the moisture content of the soil and adjust irrigation schedules accordingly. This precision helps prevent under or over-irrigation, maximising crop yield and quality. With water scarcity being a concern in Australia, efficient water usage becomes paramount to sustainable agricultural practices. 

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Mitigating Environmental Impact

Water monitoring helps farmers adopt sustainable practices that mitigate these impacts. By monitoring water quality, farmers can prevent contamination and protect local ecosystems. Additionally, monitoring water levels in rivers and underground aquifers aids in preventing over-extraction, thus maintaining the ecological balance of water sources. With responsible water management, farms can reduce their ecological footprint and contribute to the preservation of Australia’s delicate ecosystems. 

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Conserving Water Resources

Water monitoring allows farmers to identify leaks, detect inefficiencies in irrigation systems, and minimise water wastage. By implementing water-saving technologies, such as drip irrigation or moisture sensors, farmers can optimise water use and reduce unnecessary water consumption. Effective water management not only conserves this precious resource but also contributes to the sustainability of the farming sector and the overall environment.  

Maintaining enough water for your livestock to live and thrive is another major factor. On an average, water runs can take up to 2 hours a day for some farmers, just for the one trip to check on water sources located throughout a farm. Keeping track of water usage, by using a water monitoring solution will allow farmers to determine if they need to refill their water tanks to sustain their animals, and allow them to know just how much water their livestock requires. 

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Farmdeck's Water Monitoring Solution: Saving you time and money

Did you know that Farmdeck’s Water Level Monitoring feature allows you to keep track of water resources, like troughs, dams, turkeys nests, and tanks, all around your farm easy and spare you the hassle of a water run? With this solution, physically visiting each tank to verify their levels is no longer necessary. Our solution provides you with a reliable snapshot of all the water sources on your land so you know your water levels, individual tank capacities, and sensor status data at all times. You can even set up alerts and be notified of any leaks or flooding, and even see the water level history of each water source around your farm to help you plan where to send your mobs next, depending on their water consumption and the water available in your paddocks. 

The Farmdeck team is consistently developing and improving our solutions, including our multi-purpose farming IoT devices to make your farming life easier. Farmdeck is the perfect all-in-one IoT solution for your farm. 

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