Agtech can help keep your livestock healthy and increase your profits

Over the years, most farmers have used their years of knowledge to estimate an animal’s weight and if they are ready to be sold. In order to increase profits and improve the quality of livestock, farmers should be weighing livestock on a regular basis. With agtech, you will be able to keep track of your livestock’s weight which in turn will help keep them healthy. Rapid weight loss is often a sign of an illness, and also increases the risk of administering the wrong amount of medication. Additionally, depending on the animal’s weight, you can decide to either increase or decrease their food intake, and potentially make some changes in their diet to create healthier livestock.

Keeping track of your livestock’s weight can also help with monitoring your livestock’s breeding. You can pinpoint the right time to breed your animals, as well as see which breeds continually gain weight. Thus, you can distinguish the ideal breeds and even crossbreed the best types of animals. As for the calves in particular, you can spot the right time to wean them and calculate their growth rate simply by regularly weighing them.  

According to Scotland’s Farm Advisory Service, the standard process of weighing cattle requires “four components: – a cattle crush, EID panel reader and a weigh head.” Weighing contributes to the efficiency of a farm as, “it also allows farmers to carry out other routine tasks such as clipping or dosing simultaneously.” 

Weighing livestock;

How does EID work?

As stated by Australian EID manufacturer, Tru-Test, “individual animals can be tracked through their entire life cycle”, all with one small tag placed on an animal’s ear. This form of agricultural technology allows farmers to monitor animals accurately. Every animal has a designated ID and is weighed, all of the data is gathered and sent back to your device for analysis. This method of gathering livestock data has also proven to be cost-efficient.  

Farmdeck makes use of RFID sheep ear tags to automatically identify and count each animal when they walk through a gate. This means that you’ll always be able to track your livestock and know their location. Track all the data collected by the RFID tags or our IoT collars on the Farmdeck app, and manage your livestock from there – from any device and any location.

Weighing livestock;

Keep your livestock healthy with IoT solutions

Most livestock weighing systems require multiple elements and bits and pieces. Our team at Farmdeck is consistently developing and improving our products, including multi-purpose farming devices to make your farming life easier. Farmdeck has an all-in-one tool including a livestock identification and tracking device which is integrated in weighing stations. 

Reach out to us today so we can help you build an innovative smart farm.