Available features

All our features are presented centrally on a user-friendly application available on any device. Farmdeck gives you the possibility to configure alerts and notifications, as well as reports for each feature.

Livestock Tracking and Identification

Livestock is identified and then tracked (position in the paddock for sheep and cattle).

Water Level Monitoring

Monitors water levels in real-time, including water tanks, dams, troughs, and turkey nests.

Rainfall Monitoring

Monitors how much rainfall has fallen in real-time and provides historical rainfall data.

Paddock and Grazing Management and Recommendations

Alerts once grazing days have been reached, based on the quantity of livestock in paddock.

Vehicle and Pump Tracking and Maintenance Management

Tracks location, distance and speed of farm vehicles and pumps (tractors, sprayers, utes, quads, etc.), and integrates with their electronics to provide notifications of when services are due.

Quad Bike Rollover Alerting

Alerts if quad bike overturns or a motorbike goes down on its side.

Electric Fence Monitoring

Monitors electric fences and alerts if power drops below a certain threshold.

Spraying Conditions

Gives spraying recommendations depending on delta-t, thermal inversion, and wind, and includes record keeping for spraying.

Farm Map

Shows all your paddocks, mobs, water sources, electric fences, tracked vehicles on one map.

Task Manager

Organises your activities by assigning tasks to your team and tracking their progress.

Operational Planner

Recommends timelines for series of activities based on your farm, like sheep or cattle breeding cycles.

Chemicals Record

Keep an inventory of all the chemicals you use on your farm, whether for agriculture, livestock, or both.

Grazing Management

Create a grazing planner and chart to gain a better understanding of your paddocks’ needs and avoid overgrazing.

Soil Temperature, Humidity and Moisture

Monitors and reports on soil temperature, salinity, and moisture at various depths.

Energy Consumption

What can your data tell you? Track your electricity consumption as you go and avoid surprises.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Used for security and counting of animals and can also differentiate between different types of livestock, such as sheep, cow, etc.

Fire and Smoke Detection

Fire and Smoke Detection

Indoor and outdoor fire and smoke detectors and alerting.

Livestock Down Alerting

Livestock Down Alerting

Monitors livestock and alerts if cattle/sheep have been down or non-mobile for a period of time.

Water Quality

Water Quality

Monitors water quality (drinking and livestock) - salinity, turbidity, blue/green algae.

Upcoming features

Our team is constantly working on new features that will help make farmers’ day-to-day easier. Take a look at what we’re working on now.

Automated Drafting Integration

Automated Drafting Integration

Integrates with well-known sheep/cattle drafters for automated livestock processing.

Electronic Report

Electronic Report

Integrates with MLA/NLIS for simplified NVDs (National Vendor Declaration forms).

Stem Trunk and Fruit Diameter

Stem Trunk and Fruit Diameter

Monitors fruit trunk, diameter and leaf wetness.

Pasture Management

Pasture Management

Uses satellite imaging to estimate the pasture available, its growth rate and the grazing days remaining.

Pest Detection

Insect and Pest Inspection

Scanning orchards, vines and crops to determine the pest pressure present and assist with mineral/chemical remedies to minimise production loss.

Yield Estimation

Yield Estimation

Analysing orchards and vines to estimate yields during the growth stage prior to harvesting.

Weed Detection and monitoring

Weed Detection

Ability to detect and report noxious weeds present on your property. Reporting type of noxious weed and density.

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What about the Farmdeck App?

To have access to all these great features, you need the Farmdeck app.

The Farmdeck app helps you in the day-to-day management of your farm by:

  • Offering you a single platform to collect and manage all your farm, livestock and paddocks details.
  • Giving you visibility on all the information gathered by your sensors.
  • Sending you notifications to alert you of something happening on your farm.

Need more information?

To get more details about Farmdeck or talk to one of our specialists about how we could help you solve challenges specific to your farm, reach out to us here.