Make better decisions about watering

Gain better visibility of the precipitation on your property in real-time and historically by collecting data remotely through IoT rain gauges. More precise monitoring of weather conditions allows you to better predict crop needs; preventing over or underwatering and saving costs.

Rainfall Monitoring;

Rainfall History

Take a closer look at your property’s precipitation level history through different graphs and information:

  • Rolling rainfall (last 12 months)
  • Rainfall in one day (hour by hour)
  • Rainfall in one month (day by day)
  • Rainfall over three years (month by month)
Rainfall Monitoring;

Can rainfall sensors collect data on other weather conditions?

The sensors Farmdeck uses to monitor rainfall levels are called ‘weather stations’. They can monitor 4 additional conditions:

  • Temperature: tracks temperature changes (perfect to measure your delta-T)
  • Humidity: helps you make better decisions about water usage pending rain
  • Wind speed and direction: helps you determine the best time for spraying
  • Air pressure: can indicate upcoming weather (such as a thunderstorm) in your immediate areas

Sensors can collect data for years without maintenance or battery replacement and data is accessible via any connected device 24/7.

Discover how Farmdeck can monitor the water level of your tanks, dams, and troughs here.

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