Keep a digital record of your livestock

Track your mobs and individual animals digitally and easily retrieve your information any time you need it.


Manage your mobs

Use the Farmdeck app to create mobs of cattle or sheep and gain a complete view of your livestock.

Manually move mobs across your paddocks on the map or use sensors to track them automatically and in real-time to always know where they are.

When you create a mob, you can keep records of the following information all in one place:

  • Livestock heads, gender, breed and age
  • Vaccine and drenching records
  • Grazing management, including the number of days spent in the current paddock, DSE load, and time to next move
  • Financials, including purchases and sales details

The difference is in the detail: individual animal tracking

Farmdeck can keep detailed records of individual animal to manage their journey on your farm. In addition to basic information, like livestock age, you can record key milestones in the Farmdeck app. You can know more about your livestock than ever before by recording the following information about your livestock:

  • Lifecycle information, including date of birth and origin
  • Weight records, such as starting weight, current weight and goal weight
  • Breeding information, such as pregnancy scans and any progeny of your livestock
  • Financial records, including purchase and sale details

Track your livestock with Farmdeck

In addition to letting you manually manage your livestock, Farmdeck offers IoT identification and tracking options so you automatically know where your mobs are in real-time.

Identification and counting

Identification and counting

Use RFID sheep ear tags to automatically identify and count each animal when they walk through a gate.

Livestock tracking

Livestock tracking

Fit an IoT collar on one of your livestock to track your mob in real-time.

Livestock management

Livestock management

Track all the data collected by the RFID tags or IoT collars on the Farmdeck app, and manage your livestock from there.

Bring Farmdeck to mobile and tablet, too.

Managing your farm on your phone has never been easier!