Simplify operational planning on your farm

Farmdeck’s Operational Planner recommends timelines for core activities on your farm, like sheep and cattle breeding cycles.


The operational powerhouse at the heart of your farm

Farmdeck’s Operational Planner keeps you focused on the activities critical to the livelihood of your farm.

This feature provides you with flexibility and visibility. Use the Operational Planner to organise your activities into ‘Planner Groups’, such as breeding cycles for specific mobs. Alternatively, you can see tasks from all planner groups and sort by key dates, so you can manage your team and make day-to-day operational decisions.


Activity recommendations to guide your farming decisions

When you use Farmeck, your plans come to life, without the need to manually enter every activity on your farm. Once you enter a start date for a cattle or sheep breeding cycle, Farmdeck automatically populates a list of important breeding activities with recommended dates. Use this template to save yourself time and edit tasks to fit the specific needs of your farm. Easily assign tasks to your team, so you can spend less time planning and more time on the land.

The Operational Planner has powerful, built-in features for ongoing farm management, including:

  • Calendar capabilities, including start and end dates for individual activities within your operational plans
  • Dashboard monitoring for all planner activities on your farm, indicating the status of your Planner Groups
  • Team organisation capabilities, including the ability to assign tasks and prioritise activities
  • Email and SMS alerts that can be used to send notifications to your team, such as newly assigned activities or activities marked as complete

Bring Farmdeck to mobile and tablet, too.

Managing your farm on your phone has never been easier!