Remotely monitor your electric fences

Eliminate the extensive amount of time and effort needed to manually find and fix faults in your electric fences. Let Farmdeck detect and locate faults, and view all the details on the application. 

electric fences monitoring farmdeck;

Near real-time monitoring 

Working with our sensors, our Farmdeck app provides near real-time monitoring and allows you to view your electric fences’ information at a glance. 
This includes: 
 Whether your electric fence is on/off 
– The current voltage level of the fence 
– The length of the fence  
 Sensor status (battery life and signal strength) 

electric fences monitoring farmdeck;


Get alerts on your devices when a fence is switched off as a result of a fault or goes below a certain voltage level threshold Why waste time constantly physically checking kilometres of electric fencing when Farmdeck can do it for you?

More sensors, more efficiency 

While one sensor can monitor an entire fence, having multiple sensors on one fence can increase efficiency. Having multiple sensors means each sensor monitors a narrower fraction of fence distance. If there is a fault in your electric fence, it will be detected by the sensor responsible for that section of the fence. Rather than having to inspect the entire fence for the single fault, you can just check the section of the fence that sent the alert.  

Bring Farmdeck to mobile and tablet, too.

Managing your farm on your phone has never been easier!