Keep track of and record your farm’s chemical details in one easy location

Make an  inventory of all the spraying equipment and chemicals you use on your farm, whether agrichemicals, pest baits, or veterinary chemicals, and keep a history of all the related events in the records section.

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Keep records all in one place

With the Inventory tab, you can add, edit and view all the chemical products that you have on-farm, including dates, supplier info, batch number and storage location. Once you’ve built up a record, you’ll be able to store information each year and have an easy-to-find logbook if you are requested to undergo any audits.

You can also add your spraying equipment setups here. Record the nozzle model and size, boom height and pressure system all in one place. This will help you accelerate the recording of spraying events as you can easily add an already stored entry into your Agrichemical Records tab when adding a new or upcoming event.

This Farmdeck feature follows Agriculture Victoria’s recommendations and templates for keeping records of chemical use.


Chemical Diary;

Keep on top of your event records

Through the Agrichemical Records tab, you can record the details of spraying events, such as the date of application (whether previous, current on upcoming), the location, product, wind direction and more! You can even use the equipment setup you’ve already filled out in the Inventory tab when making a new entry in the Agrichemicals Records tab, making for a quick and easy entry.

The Pest Bait Records tab allows you to record the chemicals and poisons used to specifically eradicate pests, the quantity of chemical used, dates of installation, and removal,  including the location of baiting.

Improve your farm operations, reduce chemical wastage, increase the effectiveness of your chemical use methods and maintain compliance by recording and storing all you information in one convenient place.

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