Split mobs

Video Tutorial


If you click on the bottom righthand corner of the video, you can enlarge this video tutorial to fit your full screen for a better view. (To close the full screen view, hit your esc button on your keyboard.)


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Select the mob in question
  2. Expand the Mob Animals panel
  3. Select the heifers you wish to move by checking the tick boxes. The tick boxes are located in the first column (next to each animal) in the table.
  4. Click the “Move Animals” button that located just above the table. The Move Animals button is the 2nd from right.
  5. In the new window that appears, type in a new name for this mob. Once you are happy with the mob name, confirm it by selecting the “Add <mob name>” just below the Destination Mob input field.
  6. Select the Split date.
  7. Select the Split reason
  8. Click the checkbox “Yes, I’m Sure”
  9. In a moment or two the selected heifers will be transferred to the new mob with the name you entered above.
  10. To see them, return to the Livestock Dashboard. You can do this by either clicking the LHS Livestock Link, or clicking the Cow Icon next to the Mob Name at the top of the page.