Changing between farms on your account

Step 1: When your main Dashboard opens, after you have logged into your Farmdeck account, navigate to the right-hand side of the page, and click on your name, which will be next to the person icon.  


Step 2: A dropdown list will open, showing you the different farms that are associated with your account. Here, you can click on the different farms to gain access to their details and resources on your account.  

Please be aware that the ability to move between your different farms is only available for customers with Business Plans or above.

Users on a Free Trial or on a Base Plan will not be able to add more than one farm. If you would like to add more farms to your Farmdeck account, please email 

Step 3: If you have a Business Plan, or above, and would like to add a new farm to your account, visit our Add a new farm help guide.