From the sensors to the app

We take care of your farm management solution from start to finish; sensors, network, and data storage in Australia, all linked to our application.

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Developed by farmers for farmers

Our team, composed of farmers and engineers, have become experts in deploying solutions in remote areas with low connectivity and limited power options. With our decades of networking experience and our tailored Farmdeck app, we pride ourselves with delivering the best agriculture IoT solution on the market.


Our extensive range of features makes managing your farm a lot easier.

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Livestock Tracking and Identification

livestock is identified and tracked (weight, births, sheep/cattle drafters)

Water Level Monitoring

Water Level

monitors water levels in real-time, including water tanks, dams, troughs, and turkey nests

Rainfall Monitoring

Rainfall Monitoring

monitors how much rain has fallen across various locations of a property

Fence Line

Electric Fence Monitoring

monitors electric fences and alerts if power drops below a certain threshold

Farm Management Application

Farm Management Application

day-to-day farm management with Maps, Task Management, and Planning features

Paddock and Grazing Management

Paddock Management

move your livestock depending on your stocking rate


Insight on how our team has helped our clients by implementing tailored Farmdeck solutions.

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Stoney Creek Farm

Farmdeck provides vehicle, electric fence, water and weather monitoring to improve productivity and safety at Stoney Creek Farm near Bathurst in NSW, Australia.

Red Hill Farm

Farmdeck has allowed Red Hill to efficiently manage their water supply by monitoring their tanks and troughs water levels and rainfall, as well as sending alerts if any issue arises.

Llanelli Farm

This Farmdeck solution enabled Llanelli Farm to track and identify livestock, manage water tanks and dams levels, and surveillance the perimeter of the property.

What other farmers say about Farmdeck

Stoney Creek Farm Mick testimonial image

Bringing Farmdeck onto the farm freed up a lot of time, so I can spend more quality time with my family and on the land. If something was to happen in the paddock, it will send an alert back and we can get help quickly. It’s a really good piece of technology.

Mick Willott

Stoney Creek Farm, NSW
Llanelli Farm Ben Morgan Farmdeck

This solution has helped me and my family resolve our two main challenges on the farm: livestock tracking and harvesting water, allowing us to use our time to improve other areas of the farm. Farmdeck has been great at understanding our needs and at developing a customized solution and platform for us.

Ben Morgan

Llanelli Farm, NSW

Recently we had a trough overflow. An alert came out and we were able to get straight onto that problem and fix it before the tank ran out of water. Farmdeck saved us two days of fixing the problem and having to move livestock.

Luke Bowman

Red Hill Farm, NSW
Shervin Fathinia Farmdeck

I have Farmdeck electric fencing and rain gauges. Since they have been installed, I have discovered faults and irregularities with my solar electric fencing that I was unaware of, and it has allowed me to take steps to rectify.  The rain gauge has also been amazing as I can look at the hour by hour impact the rainfall has on my dams and creek.

Shervin Fathinia

Hobby Farm, NSW

Bring Farmdeck to mobile and tablet, too

Managing your farm on your phone has never been easier!

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