Track the tasks assigned to your team

Assign tasks and monitor progress with Task Manager.

Task Manager;

Set yourself up for success

Organise and create visibility over farm activities using the Task Manager.

You might want to plan livestock drenching or shearing, repair fences, build a new shed, or a range of other activities on your farm. You can even assign tasks to specific locations on your farm map. This is particularly useful if you are out in your paddock and you spot something you need to fix but you don’t have the tools on you to fix it. Assigning a task at the specific location will make it easier for you or your team to find the location of that issue later on.

The task manager will keep you on track with the power to create tasks, measure progress and assign tasks to your team. Choose the view that works best for you whether it is the task list, planner view, or the calendar of your key completion dates.

Simple task management experience with powerful capabilities

Directly manage your farm projects from any device as your team completes tasks. Take advantage of a simple user-interface designed for on-the-go task management to coordinate your activities.

Farmdeck_Sub Tasks

Create tasks and sub-tasks

Create tasks with the level of detail you need for successful projects on the farm. Include task descriptions, sub-tasks, and timelines for completion of your projects.

Farmdeck_Team Tasks

Assign tasks to your team

Stay on the same page as your team using Farmdeck, by assigning tasks directly from the Task Manager.

Farmdeck_Complicated Tasks

Make complex tasks simple

The Task Manager is packed with features to make sorting, filtering and labeling tasks a seamless experience.

Task manager

Include attachments

Add images and documents to your tasks so your team has all the information they need to complete them.

Bring Farmdeck to mobile and tablet, too.

Managing your farm on your phone has never been easier!